20 April 2013: 11am-11pm

Brixton East, 100 Barrington Road SW9 7JF


Demonstrations run from 11 am to 6pm. Drop by at any time − get your free ticket here.

Art   Textiles    Wood    Body and soul    Our guests


Print-a-bag Pop Up

Local artists Kerry Eggleton (Mashka) and Ray Stanbrook will introduce you to their favourite medium of screen printing. For a small fee you can even have a go and print your own bag. Their characterful shape-shifters and ingenious locally themed prints will also be on show and available to buy at a special price.


Letterpress is an old, tactile craft that requires time and focus to produce a beautiful impression. Rachel Stanners of Prickle Press will demonstrate how a hand-operated letterpress works, show the equipment used, and how to ink up, set type and print using this traditional technique.

Painting on iPads

South London’s renowned painter Tim Sutton shows how to paint portraits on an iPad. If you volunteer to sit for him, you’ll get a free portrait in exchange! Tim will also show some of his more traditional work, including the animal portraits that he’s well known for.


Learn how your own ideas can turn into strong results by using artistic observation. Pam Williams, who has over 30 years of experience of working and teaching internationally, will demonstrate a system of drawing that everyone can understand and use in their own way.

Pop-up art

The Brixton artist and illustrator Elena Blanco will be popping up at different points in the gallery during the day. She will be drawing as she chats and engages with makers and the public.

Aboriginal and abstract art

Aneta of Anetart has a passion for abstract and aboriginal art. Using acrylic paint on small canvases,  she will be demonstrating how to paint some of the simple symbols used in Australian aboriginal art.

Textiles and accessories

Felting with Flextiles

Kim Winter of Flextiles will show how wet felting transforms fluffy fleece into a soft but strong purse, vessel or bird pod, through a combination of hot water, soap and lots of elbow grease.

African accessories 

Mariatu Turay will be showing how to make fabric headbands for children and adults and how to make the best use of your leftover fabrics by turning them into coin purses.

Hope in Your Handbag ™  demonstrations

Maggie Winnall from Sewin Studio shares her handbag making process. She will be demonstrating machine quilting along with hand-stitched affirmative appliqué.

Cushions and bow ties

Artist and maker Imogen Patton will showcase her work making unique, brightly coloured cushions using printed fabrics. Each cushion is a one-off with lots of character! Imogen will also show how to make bow ties using locally bought fabrics and Liberty prints.

Knitting and crochet

Lydia Musima is a Clapham-based maker who designs, crochets and knits fashion accessories such as beanie hats, scarves, ponchos, purses and bags. On the day Lydia will be showing the basics of knitting and crochet.

Working with wood

Green woodworking

How do you turn a log into a chair? Woodworker Ben Willis will demonstrate how a few simple hand tools can be used to transform unseasoned ‘green’ wood into beautiful pieces of furniture. He will also be displaying and selling a range of his chairs and other wooden objects.

Willow weaving

Sarah Lovett of Naughty Magpie grows willow and turns this wonderfully pliable material into wall decorations, plant climbers and toys. Sarah will be making three-foot hearts and six-foot climbers to demonstrate her techniques.

Body and soul

Body scrubs and bath bombs

Chloe Morais from  Cheeky Suds hand makes novelty soaps and bath and body cosmetics that are vegan friendly and suitable for sensitive skin. Chloe will be showing how to make body scrubs and fizzy bath bombs to add excitement to your shower or bath!

Community mind map

What did you love, enjoy or learn at Making Uncovered? Our shared community mind map is a fantastic way of expressing that on paper. Come and add to the mind map, learn about mind maps and create a mini mind map of your own.

Local coach and workshop leader Andry Anastasiou uses mind maps in personal development courses. Her co-created mind maps help you describe experiences in creative fun ways.

Our guests 

We are joined at the event by two radical south London initiatives. Come and hear about their work and how you can get involved.

The Remakery is a co-operative in the process of renovating a disused underground car park to create a new co-working space for re-using, repairing and upcycling in Brixton.

Brixton Pound is a local currency accepted by over 100 independent local businesses. It has recently introduced a “pay by text” service, which has just registered its thousandth user, and even persuaded Lambeth Council’s chief executive to receive part of his salary in Brixton pounds!


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