20 April 2013: 11am-11pm

Brixton East, 100 Barrington Road SW9 7JF

The Thought Menu

On Making :: 6pm – 7pm :: Speaker List

Kelly Angood

The power of the community to bring the niche alive.

The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

Kelly is a designer, illustrator and strategist in London’s adland who is currently running a Kickstarter project to bring a pinhole camera kit which is currently at the prototype stage come to life as a product so everyone can learn about the fundamentals of photography.

Anish Mohammed

Arduinos, DIY drones & Arduopilot Mega


Anish is part doctor/bioinformatician/cryptographer/ & consultant, who has been an electronics hobbyist and software hacker since his early teens. He spent almost a decade in research and development in security and cryptography, and these days he works for the Big Five in consulting. He is a confirmed UAV addict who owns a dozen AHRS/Autopilots, both open and partially closed, with interests in multicopters, fixed wings and rovers.

Raphael Hefti



Swiss artist Raphael Hefti lives and works in Zurich and London. His art pushes his chosen materials to their limits through heat, alchemy and stretching the boundaries of production and process.

Tom Grimsey

Making & Materials, Infinite & Infinitesimal


Tom Grimsey has many hats.  As subject leader for Sculpture at the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts much of his practice involves working with architects, engineers and town planners to integrate large-scale art projects into the fabric of urban regeneration: from fibre-optic lighting to large steel climbing sculptures.

In Giants of the Infinitesimal, Tom Grimsey and Theo Kaccoufa have taken the idea of magnifying the nanoworld literally, making kinetic sculptures on a large scale and mimicking some of the astonishing things that happen in the nanoworld.  



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